Scar tissue, adhesions and fibrous tissue form in the muscles as a way of the body healing itself after tissue damage from injury, surgery or chronic inflammation.  Scar tissue can adhere muscle fibres together preventing muscles gliding smoothly. This means the muscles can not stretch or contract properly which reduces strength.  The muscles can then tighten and shorten causing discomfort and restriction of movement. This can become chronic over time.

An active dog will often have a degree of discomfort in their muscles that we can not detect through observation but can be detected and treated by remedial massage. Regular massage can prevent this discomfort from becoming chronic which can lead to injury.

A dog that is lame or very sore in their body will often compensate by carrying their weight differently and changing their movement patterns to help ease the pain.  This change can cause soreness in the muscles in other parts of the body. These dogs often benefit greatly from regular massage.