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Man's Best friend


Helping Dogs Be The Best They Can Be

Listening Hands is a small business in the outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne offering Canine Remedial Massage for all dogs, including pets, therapy and sporting dogs.


The purpose built Massage Studio is located in Mt Evelyn with on site parking and disabled access.

Sue Hatfield,  the owner of the business, has worked in the veterinary industry for 20 years and could see that our dogs would benefit from massage treatments that complemented the recommendations offered by Veterinary Professionals.  

Sue Hatfield is a qualified Remedial Canine Masseuse.





















Sue has a holistic understanding and approach to a dog’s health, wellbeing and behaviour.

"Massage Therapists Listen with their Hands and their Hearts"


Remedial Massage (Canine)

Trained with Dogs In Motion (2018) with Michelle Monk (Animal Physiotherapist)

Registered with Australian Canine Rehabilitation Associaition

Fully insured

Other qualifications:

Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing with 20 years experience

Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training (NDTF)

Certificate in Animal Behaviour with Distinction (Stott’s College)

Over 30 years experience in training and competing with dogs in performance sports

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Remedial and Relaxation Massage


Remedial massage is a massage that is intended to remedy or treat muscle and soft tissue problems.

It involves a systematic assessment and hands on technique to physically treat the tissues.

There are a number of techniques that are applied to different muscles and conditions, to relieve discomfort and restore muscles back to health.

Sue, as a qualified massage therapist,  will be able to use the technique best suited to your pets health.

Remedial massage can help:

Injury Prevention

Injury management

Post surgery Management

Muscle pain and lameness

Flexibility & Circulation

Sporting and Active Dogs

Old or sedentary dogs



Relaxation massage can be a part of a remedial massage and is often used at the beginning  or end of a treatment.

Relaxation massage is particularly good for the anxious, restless, wired dog!  Massage, just like in humans, can help relax the dog and enhance their wellbeing.  Some of the techniques used can be taught to the owner to help the dog continue to lead a happier, more relaxed life.

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Sporting dogs:

Working dogs and sporting dogs have much to gain from regular massage.  These dogs are often elite athletes and push their body to the limits.



Old or sedentary dogs.

 Dogs that have poor mobility end up with weak and shortened muscles.  This can effect their comfort and quality of life



Active Pet dogs:

Just like active people, active dogs will often have soreness in their muscles that the owner is unaware of.  This soreness can be treated with massage before it becomes a problem for the dog

Injured or post surgery dogs.

 Massage for injured dogs or dogs that have had surgery can be an important part of the treatment plan, helping the dog to recover quicker.  

Stressed dogs

Stress can manifest itself in many ways in the dog.  Massage is a technique that can help stressed dogs and can also be taught to the owners to use as home to help calm their dog at home and in other environments




Massage can help in three major ways:

1). Massage can ease discomfort and restore normal movement patterns -


2) Massage Increases Circulation & Mobility -

3). Massage helps to regulate the Nervous system-



Every dog  and its human owner that walks through the door is treated with respect. Listening Hands is run with a high degree of integrity by a trained and qualified practitioner.

Sue aspires to:

Make a difference to the health and wellbeing of dogs

Enhance the relationship between the dog and its human family

Enhance the quality and therefore the quantity of life for the dog

 Key Values

Respect, Integrity, Gratitude

Each visit consists of:
Assessment of the dogs posture, gait, muscles and Range Of Movement

Treatment as required;
-Remedial massage for knotted, tight, or sore muscles
-Calming techniques for stressed or anxious dogs
-Treatment to enhance circulation
-Body work, movement and exercise to enhance proprioception
Written report if required for dog’s veterinarian, specialist, or therapist.
Recommendations for future treatment plan

Sue, at Listening Hands,  has 20 years experience as a veterinary nurse and has the unique advantage of being able to work with specialists and Veterinarians.
Listening Hands  understands that sometimes it takes a team of therapists such as Physiotherapists, Hydrotherapists, Sports Medicine Practitioners and your Vet to achieve the best outcome for your dog.  Sue has the ability to work alongside a team of professionals to help deliver the treatment required for your pet.

Booking Essential
Monday 11-5pm
Tuesday 1-8pm
Wednesday 1-5pm
Thursday 1-8pm
Friday 1-5pm

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Mount Evelyn VIC 3796, Australia

0481 452 335

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Monday 1-5pm

Tuesday 1-8pm

Wednesday 1-5pm

Thursday 1-8pm

Friday 1-5pm